Case Histories

Case Histories

Owner: Architect of the Capitol
Location: Capitol Hill
Washington, D.C.

After an extensive pre-qualification and screening process, Terra was selected by the Architect of the Capitol to demolish the 11-story Tip O’Neill Building located next to the Congressional Offices on Capitol Hill. The reinforced concrete structure was to be demolished in a six-week time frame while Congress was in session. Terra’s extensive project planning included hazardous waste removal, noise abatement, air quality management, adjacent pedestrian access, site safety, and security along with specialized vibration abatement procedures in order to protect the Washington, D.C. subway system, which was located within 35 feet of the structure.

After completing the planning of the project and obtaining stringent security clearance for all men and equipment, Terra mobilized on site with a 125 ton conventional crane, 3 excavators, and 2 skid steers. All interior work, which included hazardous material abatement, door and window removal, removal and storage of historically significant items, and utility disconnections, was completed in 5 days. Systematic destruction of the heavily reinforced structure proceeded with Terra’s 125-ton crane, while maintaining a 6” energized water main from the basement to the roof for dust suppression.

The entire structure was dropped from 11 stories to 3 stories in 17 days, while passing strict air quality and seismic requirements. Terra’s fleet of excavators demolished the remainder of the building along with its foundation.

In all, Terra demolished an 11 story building, processed and recycled 720 tons of steel, disposed of 1,700 cubic yards of construction and demolition debris, and recycled or removed 11,200 cubic yards of concrete in a 35 day period. The Architect of the Capitol also contracted Terra to build a parking lot and landscape the entire site of the former Tip O’Neill Building.

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