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ICI Paints Facility, The Glidden Company

  1. 675,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located on the 38 acre site located in Reading, PA
  2. Provided complete asset valuation, asset sales, asset removal and shipping of entire paint and resin manufacturing facility
  3. Performed all environmental remediation including asbestos abatement, cleaning of process piping and storage vessels
  4. Complete demolition of facility
  5. Shipped all hazardous waste for disposal to approved facility

Chester waterside station - philadelphia electric

Terra provided demolition and environmental remediation services for rehabilitation and redevelopment of Waterside power plant into award winning offices and convention/stadium complex as part of Chester’s revitalization program

Phillip Morris I Concord, NC- Largest Cigarette Manufacturing Plant in World

  1. 2.5 Million Square Feet Warehouse located in Concord, NC
  2. Chosen among 8 qualified contractors to remove all process equipment from the largest cigarette manufacturing plant in the world
  3. Identified over 4,000 assets to segregate demolition or dismantlement Mobilized over 170 pieces of equipment and over 250 people. Total recycled metals exceeded 11,000 tons.

The Sun Ship Yard I Harrah's Entertainment

  1. Located on the Delaware River in Chester Pennsylvania.
  2. Performed marketing and sales of approximately 4 pieces of industrial shipbuilding machinery internationally.
  3. Provided asbestos abatement, demolition, and dismantlement of entire shipbuilding facility.

Colorite Manufacturing

  1. PVC resin manufacturing facility located in Burlington New Jersey
  2. Performed extensive asbestos abatement and complete demolition of all process equipment
  3. Building systems were marketed and sold internationally
  4. Repurposed property for resale

National Rolling Mills Facility, Worthington Industries

  1. 132 acre facility located in Malvern Pennsylvania
  2. Marketed and sold a hydrogen annealing system to a private buyer and customers in Thailand
  3. Marketed and sold an entire steel rolling mill to an international steel conglomerate
  4. Managed the dismantlement and shipping of all process equipment
  5. Demolished the remaining plant, infrastructure and concrete foundations for the entire site

Hercules nitrocellulose plant & resin manufacturing facility (ashland) coal fired power plant demolition

  1. Largest Nitrocellulose plant in the world
  2. Decommissioned & demolished precipitators which fed coal fired site power producing equipment which entailed 4 hung boilers, coal fed system, ancillary coal bins
  3. 4 story reinforced concrete reactor buildings
  4. Safely dismantled 235 ft tall, ONE MILLION gallon water tower
  5. Dismantled warehouses, boiler houses on premise
  6. 138 acre chemical manufacturing facility, required 37 buildings to be demolished on site
  7. Extensive analysis of chemical processes including product in lines, special safety and hot work proceduring, investment recovery, permitting, hazardous waste abatement, ACM abatement and careful traffic control procedures.
  8. Preparation included clearing and grubbing to safely access buildings and miles of pipeline racks. Terra personnel required to work in Level B protection for 1st line breaks to remove all hazardous and explosive materials from process piping systems.
  9. 6 month project including 2,720 tons of steel, salvable equipment, 70 tons of metals, 290 tons of debris.